Welcome to the magical world of the Freya's Cauldron Subscription Box. A monthly box created just for you by practicing witches. Whatever path you follow, our box will help guide you with ideas and inspiration.

Each box contains a selection of goodies including Freya's Cauldron exclusives and useable items chosen just for you.

These may include: Spell Candles, Sabbat Items, Craft Projects, Herbs, Altar items, Crystals and Jewellery, Oils and Potions, Spell or Ritual kits with full information on how to cast, and so much more, we have so many wonderful items to share with you! 

You also do not need to be an experienced practicing witch to enjoy our monthly boxes, all kits come with easy to follow instructions and can be enjoyed by all! We also have a Facebook group just for subscribers where we post walk through videos for the spells and other useful information. 

The photos show a selection of some of the items we have included so far in The Freya's Cauldron Subscription Box.

Each box is sent out between the 5th and 10th of each month, if you subscribe after 11pm on the 4th of the month, you will receive the following months box, unless the box is sold out earlier (see below for latest box status). We pack our items in a discreet cardboard box for posting as we know many of you value your privacy and our posting labels do not show our business name so its safe to send to your work address too! We try to avoid single use plastics in our boxes and our packing peanuts (when used) are made from starch so dissolve in water. 

Ready to join in the fun? 

Just click on the subscribe button below to subscribe through your PayPal account. You can also cancel at any time through your account too. If you do not have a PayPal account then the GoCardless method is a great alternative. 

We are only accepting new subscribers in the UK at the moment, this is due to a recent hike in international posatge charges making it just too expensive to send. 

Freya's Cauldron Subscription Box ~ UK Only (excluding Channel Islands)

£27.00 a month incl delivery.

Sign up with PayPal who will deal with the monthly payments for you! 

Don't have a paypal account? no problem, just use the GoCardless option below. (only available to UK subscribers)

Don't have PayPal? No problem at all! We now have GoCardless set up for our UK customers. Its a simple way to set up a Direct Debit for your monthly boxes. Just use the button below. Go Cardless will process your first payment when you set up,we then add you to a payment plan so that the following month, payments will be on the 28th.
Its easy to cancel when you need to through your online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a monthly box where you set up a subscription payment, so you do not miss out on a box each time one is released and do not have to worry about missing the payment deadline.

Just use the options on the subscription page for your country.  Subscribing is easy and can be done through PayPal, who will manage your payments for you. They use the details in your PayPal account and then send us the name, postal address and email so please do make sure this is correct before signing up.

We now also offer GoCardless which is a direct Debit option, perfect for those who do not like using PayPal. GoCardless is only available for subscribers in the UK.

Sadly at the moment we are only shipping within the UK due to the recent hike in postage costs and import duties, making it just too expensive to send out. 

Boxes are always sent out on the 5th of each month, if this falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday then it will move to the next working day. Our cut off point for each month is the 4th, so if you sign up on the 5th you will receive the following months box as your first one. We use Royal Mail 1st Class so usually this can be between 1 and 3 working days. For international subscribers we use Royal Mail International Tracked, delivery time frames depend a lot on the customs of the particular country but generally its between 5 and 21 days. Though of course, there can be delays beyond our control such as strikes so these are just estimates.

We understand how privacy is important to our customers, so all of our subscription boxes and website orders are sent out in plain packaging and our return address does not mention our company name. Our subscription box is also unbranded so that it is easier for you to be able to recycle or reuse if you wish.

With PayPal the payment is taken on the day you sign up and this will be your payment date for each subsequent month’s payment. We suggest making a note on your calendar so you can remember when its due, most people choose to sign up on payday!

With GoCardless the first payment is taken the day that you set up. We then add you to a payment plan which will process the payment on the 28th of the month before the box is due. So, for example if you sign up on the 2nd Feb, that will cover the Feb box, the payment for the March box will be taken on the 28th Feb. As this is all processed by your bank, it can take a few days for payments to show on your account, especially if the payment date is over a weekend.

PayPal: When PayPal attempts to process a payment and this is not successful, they automatically try again 5 days later and then once more five days after that. As long as one of these payments is successful then you will still receive your box. If the final attempt fails, then PayPal will automatically cancel your subscription. Please note that if your payments skip around posting day then the box will obviously not be sent out until we receive a payment.  

GoCardless: If the payment fails when your bank tries to process it, then the set up will be cancelled and you will just need to set up again.

We process our subscription boxes at least 10 days before posting day so we will need to be notified of any change of address before 25th of the previous month to be able to action the change in time for posting day. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to let us know in good time of a change of address. It is important to also let us know the change of address as well as changing it in PayPal as they do tend to send us the original address that was used to set up the subscription.

We always recommend changing the address in your PayPal account and then cancelling the subscription and setting up again using the new address to avoid any errors with PayPal sending the wrong address.

If you are not home when the postman calls and do not have a safe place set up with Royal Mail then they will either try a neighbour or take it back to the delivery office (not post office) After Covid a lot of posties have not gone back to leaving a “Sorry We Missed You” card so if you have not had your box 10 working days after posting then please do get in touch with us. Royal Mail only keep a parcel for 15 working days before returning to sender and then if this happens it will cost you more postage to have the box resent so please do check with your delivery office if your parcel has not arrived as its most probably waiting there for you.

PayPal: You can unsubscribe in your PayPal account in the manage payments section. It is important to ensure that this is done otherwise PayPal will continue to process payments on your behalf. We recommend that you cancel at least 2 days before your payment is due.

GoCardless: This is done through the Direct Debit section of your online banking. Just find the correct set up and delete it. Please remember that banks take around 4 working days to process payments so they will not be able to cancel a payment once the process has started.

It is the customers responibility to ensure that they cancel their payments before their payment date. 

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to make sure they cancel their subscription in good time and before their payment is taken. It is our company policy to not issue a refund in cases where the customer has neglected to cancel their subscription in good time. To cancel your subscription, you can do this in your PayPal account in the Manage Payments section or by emailing us at least 5 working days before your payment is due to go out. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions page on the website for more information on refunds.

GoCardless payments can be cancelled in the Direct Debit of your online banking, you will need to do this at least 5 working days before the payment date otherwise the process with have been started by your bank and cannot be changed.

Purchasing one box:

Yes of course! The easiest way is to simply set up a subscription through PayPal and they will process the first payment and then just simply cancel straight away.

GoCardless is slightly different and you can set up as normal but just let us know that you just wish to have one box as a treat and then we will not add you to a payment plan so only one payment will be take.

You can set up and cancel as often as you wish to.

Purchasing past boxes:

Sadly no, once the cut-off date has passed, we do not offer boxes so that they remain special to our subscribers. We will soon be setting up a little shop, so subscribers have access to past items if available and while stocks last

We always make sure that our products are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly. We also do our best to limit the use of single use plastics and use recyclable or biodegradable products as much as we can. Even our packing peanuts are made from starch so can be dissolved in water and then that is safe to use to water plants!

We send out a Subscription Box newsletter on posting day to let everyone know the boxes have been shipped, we use the email address supplied on the PayPal payment and also the GoCardless set up to send out our newsletters so please make sure this is correct. We also use this email to notify you of any missed payments. If you are not receiving our newsletter then please check your junk folder and also add our email address ([email protected]) to your safe sender list.